Good people doing good business


  • Licensed cannabis distributor covering SoCal from Santa Barbara to San Diego
  • Reliable, trustworthy, professional, organized, competent, tenacious, compassionate, like-able and effective team of well-seasoned professionals
  • Exceptional leadership, work ethic, integrity, vision and organization from upper management
  • Communicative and transparent
  • Custom digital platform that empowers our accounts, brands and staff to be extremely efficient through integration and automation of e-commerce, CRM, logistics, marketing and accounting

Opening New Accounts

Currently doing business with over 100 licensed dispensaries in SoCal, our team is persistently prospecting and following up with new accounts.

Cultivating Personal Relationships

We invest substantial time and energy to develop and strengthen very real and meaningful relationships with our accounts and brands.  We are not clerks waiting for orders. We are actively looking for every opportunity to add value, generate, drive and grow business together.

Training and Educating Budtenders

Through scheduled store trainings, frequent personal visits and in-store demos, we make sure accounts are well trained, educated and stoked on your brands.

In-store promotions

Likely the best marketing ROI in the business, our awesome brand ambassador team is busy promoting our brands, driving sales, stoking and educating customers and staff in dispensaries, dozens of times per week.

Inventory Management and Merchandising

While visiting every account we are in several times per month, we insure accounts are well stocked and products are well-merchandised to optimize sales and minimize loss.  Many store buyers are so overwhelmed they can go weeks before ordering products that are out of stock.


We reliably and efficiently fulfill most orders in 24hrs, but advise accounts it may take up to 72hrs to manage and exceed expectations.

Weekly Reporting

We provide invaluable market research in weekly reports, including trends, customer and account feedback, suggestions and ideas for product development, marketing, etc., issues, concerns and questions and sales activity.

Increase Revenue

We are result driven and our eyes are always on our bottom line as well as yours.




Omer and Sarah have been nothing short of amazing when it comes to their customer service, consistent communication, positive energy, and great attitude. Never have they faulted on a deal. Never have theily messed up on an order. Never have they disappointed me. Overall, these are the types of vendors I want to build relationships with.

New Age Care Center

Working with this company has been nothing short of a good business decision from the start. Whether it be with our in store demos, staff trainings or weekly touch bases, Feelgood is constantly striving to better our business relationship and increase purchases for all brands they carry. Starting with the first meeting we had, to the follow ups asking when we wanted to order, I have never doubted the passion and energy this team carry. Knowing that I can count on them to make sure things are delivered smoothly never fails. As a Buying Manager I value consistency and communication from any company I bring into our business, something in which Feelgood has not only met but continued to exceed since beginning to work with them. If an ethical, hardworking, and trustworthy company is what you’re looking for than I can guarantee you’ll find it in Feel Good Sales Group, just as I have. 

10 Spot

I love these guys! I’ve been in the industry for 11 years. I’ve dealt with dozens of brands and distributors. Im not an easy one to please. I demand and expect a lot from distributors. Most let me down. Omer, Sarah and now Seumas continue to go over beyond, provide superior service and support, they communicate well and are reliable. I hope to do business with them for a long time.

The Healing Touch

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